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No-Kill and Your SPCA Feb 18, 2011

No-Kill and Your SPCA


A no-kill shelter is an animal facility where animals are only euthanized if they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be safely adopted. No-kill shelters do not use euthanasia as a means of population control. ...  Our SPCA is a No-Kill facility.


            In 2010 your SPCA handled 2,286 dogs and cats, 57 of which did not survive.  31 of them were unweaned puppies and kittens brought to the SPCA without their mother that died despite our best efforts and the hard work of their foster parents.  One young puppy was transferred to our veterinarian in charge and he later died from parvovirus.  The remaining 25 were transferred to the Henry County Animal Control to be euthanized because their level of aggression was beyond our trainers’ and staff’s rehabilitation skills.  Usually an animal is only deemed dangerously aggressive if the animal has bitten a staff member without provocation and has drawn blood.  When in doubt, we bring in professional trainers and animal behaviorists to tell us whether or not we can turn the animal around.  We always rely on experts to give us guidance as to whether an animal is treatable, and have spent months rehabilitating dogs that experts believed had potential to be good pets.  


            Your SPCA is considered to be a No-Kill Adoption Center because no adoptable animal is ever euthanized.  The 57 animals that died were too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be suitable for adoption.  While we celebrate that status, the Board of Directors’ focus is on the community as a whole.  That is why we have partnerships with both the Martinsville City Animal Control and Henry County Animal Control.  We all work together to give all adoptable community animals the best possible chance to find a home.   Those partnerships are responsible for our success to date.  Just five years ago, 3 out of 4 of the animals in our community died.  Today, 3 out of 4 live!


            Our collaborative goal is that no healthy, adoptable animal will be euthanized in Martinsville or Henry County by the year 2015.  Our approach is providing affordable, accessible spay/neuter, comprehensive rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming programs, and humane education to encourage respect for all life. 

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