Spay/Neuter Services

This program is cash or check ONLY. If you pay by card there is a $5 service fee.

The SPCA offers weekly low cost spay/neuter services.  In order to schedule your pet you must come to the shelter to fill out the necessary paperwork and pay in advance of the surgery via cash or check. You may also opt to have your pet micro-chipped at this time.  The cost for a microchip is $10.  If your pet has been vaccinated for rabies you must bring in your rabies certificate or else your pet will be vaccinated against rabies.  Once all of the preliminary work is done we will place your pet on the schedule.

Typically you will be required to have your pet at the shelter on the morning of the surgery between 6am -7am.  Cats must be in hard-sided carriers and dogs must be in hard-sided carriers or leashed.  If you do not have a carrier you may borrow a carrier for a security deposit of $25 cash or check.  Your deposit will be returned to you upon return of the carrier.  Please be prepared to wait with your pet until the van is loaded.

If you miss your appointment for spay/neuter more than one time you will be required to re-pay the spay/neuter cost. If you need further financial assistance you will be required to fill out an assistance application which will be presented to and approved/declined by our Executive Director.  All assisted-cost spay/neuter surgeries will be approved based on need and availability of spay/neuter funding.

  • Dogs – $85/$75* 
    • Some additional charges may apply:
      • Pregnant: additional $25,
      • Over 75 lbs: additional $25,
      • Over 100 lbs: additional $35,
      • Cryptorchid: additional $25
  • Cats –  $65/$55*
  • Microchip – $10

*We offer a discount for Martinsville & Henry County residents who are on public assistance.  Please bring proof with you when you come in to schedule your pet.

Pre-surgical Instructions
  • Take away your pet’s food by 9pm.
  • If you would like take home pain medication for your pet,there will be an additional $16 fee.  Please bring cash.  Notify the staff of your desire for pain medication before the animal leaves.
  • Pick-up is from 5pm-6pm on the same day.  There will be a $30 holding fee if your pet is not picked up on time.
  • Please understand that the SPCA has subsidized a good portion of your pet’s surgery.  The SPCA is not responsible for any complications related to the spay/neuter procedure.  If any problems should arise post-surgery please see a full-service veterinarian.
  • If your pet is heavily infested with fleas the veterinary clinic will administer an oral medication to kill fleas.  There will be an additional $5 charge which will be payable upon pickup.
  • All fees are non-refundable.