Spay/Neuter Services

The Louise R. Lester Spay & Neuter Clinic was founded in November 2021 in loving memory of supporter, Louise R. Lester, to provide our community access to low-cost, basic veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries. This is a basic veterinary care clinic; we cannot provide treatment for critically sick or injured animals. Any animal over 7 years of age must have bloodwork done prior to the surgery. See next page for bloodwork pricing. All appointments are subject to change at any time. All appointments require 24-hour minimum cancellation notice. Without notice, additional services or appointments may be denied in the future.

For the low-income pricing, Martinsville and Henry County residents only must provide proof of one or more of the following:

·         Food stamps/EBT card

·         WIC or SNAP benefits

·         Medicaid

·         Section 8 housing

·         Disability

Proof must be provided at the time of appointment to receive the low-income pricing. Without proof, clients will be required to pay the standard price.

Out of area is defined as anyone living outside Martinsville City or Henry County. 

Service Low-Income Price Standard Price Out of Area Price
Cat spay $75 $135 $149
Cat neuter $55 $99 $109
Feral cat s/n (ear tip required) $25 $25 $28
Dog spay under 50 pounds $110 $198 $218
Dog neuter under 50 pounds $80 $144 $159
Dog spay over 50 pounds $120 $216 $238
Dog neuter over 50 pounds $95 $171 $188
Dog spay 100-120 pounds $150 $270 $297
Dog neuter 100+ pounds $115 $207 $228
Dog obesity charge <50 pounds $35 $63 $70
Dog obesity charge >50 pounds $50 $90 $99
Hernia repairs (add'l charge) $50 $90 $99
Cryptorchid Ing/Abd (add'l charge per) $25/$50 $45/$90 $50/$99
Heat (add'l charge) $30 $54 $60
Pregnant (add'l charge) $40 $72 $79
Pyometra (add'l charge) $45 $81 $89
Difficult dog (alternate sedation required) $35 $63 $69


All surgeries include pain medicine, rabies vaccine, and microchip. No spays over 120 pounds and no advanced pregnancies. Our vet reserves the right to deny surgery and recommend a full-service vet for any animal, especially those considered high risk for anesthesia.

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