Spay/Neuter Services

UPDATE: The Louise R. Lester Spay & Neuter Clinic is currently unable to schedule any spay/neuter appointments. We will make an announcement when appointments re-open. 

The Louise R. Lester Spay & Neuter Clinic was founded in November 2021 in loving memory of supporter, Louise R. Lester, to provide our community access to low-cost, basic veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries. This is a basic veterinary care clinic; we cannot provide treatment for critically sick or injured animals. Any animal over 7 years of age must have bloodwork done prior to the surgery. See next page for bloodwork pricing. All appointments are subject to change at any time. All appointments require 24-hour minimum cancellation notice. Without notice, additional services or appointments may be denied in the future.

For the low-income pricing, Martinsville and Henry County residents only must provide proof of one or more of the following:

·         Food stamps/EBT card

·         WIC or SNAP benefits

·         Medicaid

·         Section 8 housing

·         SSDI Disability

Proof must be provided at the time of appointment to receive the low-income pricing. Without proof, clients will be required to pay the standard price.

Out of area is defined as anyone living outside Martinsville City or Henry County. 

Surgeries include pain medicine, rabies vaccine, and microchip. 

No spays over 120 lbs and no advanced pregnancies. Our Veterinarian reserves the right to refuse any animal considered high risk for anesthesia. 

Brachycephalic breeds are "flat-faced" breeds such as, but not limited to, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. 

Service Low-Income Price Standard Price Out of Area Price
Cat spay $75 $135 $149
Cat neuter $55 $99 $109
Feral cat s/n (ear tip required; FVRCP vaccine in place of microchip) $25 $25 $40
Dog spay under 50 pounds $110 $198 $218
Dog neuter under 50 pounds $80 $144 $159
Dog spay over 50 pounds $120 $216 $238
Dog neuter over 50 pounds $95 $171 $188
Dog spay 100-120 pounds $150 $270 $297
Dog neuter 100+ pounds $115 $207 $228
Dog obesity charge <50 pounds $40 $72 $79
Dog obesity charge >50 pounds $60 $108 $118
Hernia repairs (add'l charge) $55 $99 $108
Cryptorchid Ing/Abd (add'l charge per) $30/$55 $54/$99 $59/$108
Heat (add'l charge) $40 $72 $79
Pregnant (add'l charge) $50 $90 $99
Early Pyometra (add'l charge) $45 $81 $89
Advanced Pyometra (add'l charge) $100 $180 $198
Difficult dog (alternate sedation required) $35 $63 $69
Brachycephalic breed <20 lbs (add'l charge) $35 $63 $69
Brachycephalic breed >20 lbs (add'l charge) $63 $114 $125



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