SPCA Wish List

SPCA Wish List

“Shop for you and the animals, too!”
    • Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

      Dog Toys, such as Kongs, Chews and Treats

      Cat Litter

      Scratching Posts for Cats

      Wal-Mart or Rural King Gift Cards

      Ink Cartridges (contact the SPCA for system information)

      Trash Bags (any)

      Fabuloso/Pine Sol

      Window Cleaner

      Cardboard Trays for Litter Boxes

      Dawn Dish Detergent & Dish Washer Detergent

      Peroxide & Rubbing Alcohol

      Syringes with 22 gauge needles: 1cc, 3cc, 20cc

      Disposable isolation gowns



      Hardside Pet Carriers - Any Size

      Large wheeled carrier for trash

      Stainless Steel Water Buckets & Bowls

      Canned chicken and tuna

    • Cat Toys and Treats

      Sponsor of Spay or Neuter for Animals

      Laundry Detergent (high efficiency)

      Dog Harnesses/Collars/Leashes 6' or longer

      Canned Cat and Dog Food

      Lysol/Clorox Cleaning Wipes

      Copier Paper 8 1/2" by 11"

      Air Freshener Sprays

      Towels or Blankets

      6-oz Dixie Cups

      Vinyl gloves (medium and large)

      Marquis Paste 15% Antiprotozoal Oral Paste

      Syringes without needles: 1/3/5/10/20cc

      18 & 20 gauge needles


      Incubation Crate

      50′ hot water hoses

      Mops, Scrub Brushes & Brooms


We love towers and tunnels for our cats and kittens to play in but the material best suited for shelter use is PVC piping. Towers and play-centers made from PVC can be easily bleached to keep our cat areas sanitized. Towers of PVC piping are dreams come true for our little feline companions. 


Want more ideas on supplies for the SPCA?

Check out our Amazon Wishlist for items we are dreaming about!

Tomahawk Live Cat Traps are always a main item that we need!!