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How To Meet and Greet the New Guy Jan 21, 2014
How to Meet and Greet the New Guy
Originally published on May 21, 2009

Bringing home a new furry friend could be a big adjustment for your pooch. Here's how to introduce the new guy so that things go smoothly.

Find neutral turf. Soon-to-be canine roomies should meet at a spot that neither pup sees as his territory. Have a family member or a friend take one pooch to this place; you take the other.

Praise your pups. Let the dogs sniff each other for a short time while telling them in an "attaboy" voice how good they are. (If one starts to growl or his fur stands on end, offer treats to both dogs to get their attention -- this should ward off any aggression.) Next, take the pups for a walk together, and let them check each other out while continuing to praise positive behavior. Once it appears that they've passed each other's smell test, you can bring the pups home.

Keep 'em separated. Your new pooch should be in a room by himself. But choose a room your other dog doesn't spend time in -- that way he won't get his dander up being territorial. And closely watch the newbie if he is around other pets.

Remember to spend quality time with each dog every day. This will help your pups be confident and well-adjusted members of your clan.

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